Departure Media’s Exciting Growth

Leslie Bensen – President / CEO / Founder

Leslie Bensen is the Founder and CEO of Departure Media, Inc. A woman-owned, prime operator that manages advertising concessions for airports throughout the United States. The company has successfully managed creative advertising display programs in airports ranging from a top 25 airport to mid – and small – hub airports. Since the 1990’s, Ms. Bensen has custom designed unique display opportunities to enhance the airport’s aesthetics and the passenger’s experience.

Leslie is a true entrepreneur. In 1996, after years of experience managing advertising concessions for a large national firm, it was time to start a company of her own. “I was creating unique advertising opportunities for airports and noticed most markets were being underserved and lacked a creative approach; both in advertising messages and display opportunities.” Leslie was pleasantly persistent meeting with airport managers in an effort to convince them of her ability to provide better service and increased revenues. “I never doubted for one second that I could fulfill my promise,” she says. “I met with as many airports as I could, just for a chance to launch Departure Media.”

After six years of persistence, Departure Media was awarded its first advertising concession contract, which continues today.

Success in one airport led to the future growth of the company. Leslie earned a reputation for excellent work that resulted in winning additional airport contracts. Today, Departure Media is known throughout the United States as the largest prime, women-owned airport advertising concessionaire representing programs in ten airports and one cruise terminal.

Now with more than 19 years of operating a thriving business and overcoming economic challenges, Leslie can look back on the hurdles she faced with a strong sense of purpose. This has been an exciting and motivating ride with extensive travel, hard work and long hours. It is well worth the many accomplishments in a business that Leslie is sincerely passionate about and proud to represent.

In addition to her airport career, she strives to assist small, women and minority owned businesses.

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