About Us

Airport marketing reaches local, national, and international audiences unlike any other advertising channel.

Departure Media creates eye-catching display programs that draw the attention of passing travelers, enhancing the overall travel experience while complementing the airport’s unique aesthetics.

Business owners realize that airport marketing directly and immediately impacts community awareness and builds brand recognition. Our team brings over 30 years of industry experience to design strategic campaigns that provide you maximum exposure at a low-cost per thousand.

Departure Media Airport Advertising is the largest Prime ACDBE Advertising Concessionaire in the country; 100% woman-owned company with WMBE, DBE and ACDBE certifications throughout the United States.

Our Mission

To be the airport advertising industry leader by building and maintaining relationships for life.

Our Philosophy

A Departure from the Ordinary.

Departure Media is an innovative organization dedicated to delivering creative, high quality solutions that are unique to each airport and to each advertising campaign; great people committed to building long term partnerships with our clients and communities.

Our mission goes beyond selling advertising space.

Our focus is results driven.

Our experienced team will customize ideas and concepts that significantly increase the return on investment for each advertising customer.

We guarantee individualized service that continues long after a contract has been executed.

Great Products. Great People. Great Airports